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December 9, 2011

This post has been a long time coming, I can not even believe that I have been back from my trip for just over 2 months now. Time seems to fly these days!

I have decided to split these posts as there are just too many beautiful pics to share.

I wanted to share with you not only some gorgeous sweet finds on my travels but a little bit about the place I call my second home.

Growing up I would never boast about my heritage as living in Canberra it was better to try and fit in with others than to point out your differences. Once we moved to Sydney (when I was 14) it changed a little, but my how things have changed since then.

More and more people seem to appreciate the European culture and the edible delights that come with it.  The language, the fashion, etc etc

Although George Clooney and other celebrities have probably put Lake Como on the tourist map, I am and have always been in love with the place I call my second home.  We have been very fortunate to have our children experience the culture in its pure form and with each trip they seem to take more away with them.

I always feel rested when I am there, even if I am running around visiting family and friends, one look at the lake and it’s as though your troubles melt away.

On this trip we also took a side vacation to sardegna (an island off the mainland). It was our first time to Sardegna but I am hoping it won’t be our last.

As it was just off peak season (end of Summer) the tourists had mostly gone and the weather was perfect! We hired a small boat/zodiac for 60 euros and visited all the unspoiled beaches on the east gulf of Sardegna (Orosei and it’s surrounds)

We cruised up 50 meters from the many beaches, anchored and swam to shore. It was incredible! We also swam to some grottos which was amazing.

Although the beaches are mostly pebbles (it takes a few agonizing steps to get used to) it’s a nice change from having sand in swimmers…then car…then house…. and then my washing machine. Its still amazes me that we could swim 50 meteres from the shore and still see the bottom of the ocean (no goggles required) such crystal clear waters.

I did a lot of vintage shopping from flea markets sourcing vessels and other props for work, as well as anything I could fit into my suitcase.

I also made it my duty to try as many pastries, sweets and gelato that I could get my hands on (the things I do for my job lol) I wonder if I can claim Weight Watchers as a tax deduction??

One Of the highlights of the trip was stumbling across a small park like courtyard in Milan in the middle of an old museum.

Right In the middle of the courtyard under a big old tree were tables set up with picnic baskets. For a small fee you got a picnic basket , which you then filled with your choice of food from the vintage styled van. This included Panini, pastries, fruit salad, coffee and juice. We were also given a picnic blanket with cushions to sit on (these all had to be returned when we were finished)

My husband and I lay on that rug for what seemed like hours whilst our children played with all the other children there. I think what made it so impressive was the fact that it was completely unexpected and only a few steps away from the bustling centre of Milan. It was actually an American styled company called the “California bakery”. They have a cafe not far from the park but also offer the service of the roving van…….i’m totally in love with the idea. I will have to dedicate a post to them sometime.

I’ll be back with part 2 very soon where I will share some of the sweet goodness I found along the way. (and all the other pics I couldn’t fit into this post)

I hope you enjoy the pics



a view from Cernobbio

The Duomo in Lake Como

My next home lol! one of the many Villas in Lake Como

My neighbors Villa (once I buy my next home)

a small vintage market in Cernobbio

More antique and vintage shopping......treasures as far as the eye could see

more flea markets

a close up on some of the treasures I found

How gorgeous is this van! I wanted to drive away with it.

Picnic fun in Milan, will definitely be borrowing this idea for our next picnic

how fun are these baskets!

Our picnic rugs and pillows

They had so much fun

an amazing statue in the middle of a residential courtyard in Lake Como

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